The CAT Group refers to affiliated companies under the BCC Group specializing in industrial security services.

Why CAT?

In biology, Felidae refers to the biological family of cats. its more respected members, collectively knows as "Great Cats", include the lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, lynx, panther, and cougar. The CAT is a serious combination of power, speed, patience, and cunning making them the ultimate hunters on land. The BCC Group deems these attributes in men essential to delivering to service execellence among security officers.

Since it was established in 1974, the CAT Group has been renowned for premium security services in the Philippines. Its services include:

  • Security guard services
  • Security audits & surveys
  • Loss prevention programs
  • K-9 services
  • Surveillance operations
  • VIP protection

The CAT Group's security operations are monitored by the Communication Control Center (CCC). Simultaneously, Rapid Response Team (RRT), comprised of specially trained security officers, work round-the-clock to respond to any incidents that may arise.

RRT personnel are specially selected and trained to respond to incidents, e.g. intrusions, demonstrations, civil disturbances, bomb threats, and to administer first aid and rescue in emergencies and calamities.

Today, the CAT Group is comprised of the foremost names in security services in the Philippines:

  • Leopard Security & Investigation Agency
  • El Tigre Security & Investigation Agency
  • Jaguar Security & Investigation Agency
  • Lynx Security & Investigation Agency
  • Leopard Integrated Security Services, Inc.
  • Panther Integrated Services, Inc.
  • Cougar Integrated Services, Inc.
  • Lion Integrated Security Services, Inc.
  • El Tigre Integrated Security Services, Inc.
  • El Tigre Integrated Security Services, Inc.
  • El Tigre Integrated Security Services, Inc.
  • Ocelot Protective and Detective Agency Inc.

It also operates the CAT Security Training Academy of the Philippines, Inc. (CAT-STAPI) which designs and implements customer-specific trainings and conducts the pre-selection of its security force.