Crime and Risk in the Philippines

Consider this information:

  • The Philippines ranked 2nd among 36 countries on recorded firearm-related killings, registering 7,708 casualties. (Source: WHO World Report on Violence & Health, Geneva, 2002).
  • Equally appalling, the Philippines is ranked 4th among 42 countries on recorded non-intentional homicides with 2,592 casualties (Source: Eighth UN Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, 2002). In the same study, the Philippines maintains an average of 141.34 policemen for every 100,000 Filipinos, a statistic identical to Myanmar.
  • There is no available statistical data on embezzlement, fraud, briber and police efficiency.

Although, crime statistics are often better indicators of the prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence of crime, such information begs local business players and even private homes to caution and respond actively to protect life and property. Especially after martial law, the Philippines’ peace and order situation needed to be supplemented, leading to a huge inflow security service providers in the Philippine market.

Hence, the real challenge to a security service provider pertains to faithfully delivering on the client’s required level of service. In 1974, Atty. Jose L. Poe, Jr. burning with a passion for excellence, took the challenge and planted the first seeds in the CAT Group’s history.

In recent time, the incidence of terrorism, crime and irregularity continue to steadily increase, creating a continuing demand for reliable, effective and efficient security measures - for business and for high-risk individuals.


Why choose the CAT Group?

Management Determined to Satisfy Customer Requirements

Maintaining management team of diverse disciplines and competencies committed to finding cost-effective solutions for our clients.

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Using of technologies suited to the needs and resources of our clients that increase the value of our services.

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Amplifying service capabilities through a sharing of operational and information resources

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With over three decades of knowledge and experience, trusted by the local business community and respected by co-players in the industry.