Security Consultancy

Aiming for Total Security Solutions, the CAT Security, also integrates security consultancy in its core services. Our consultancy covers the following:

  • Security Advisory on the prevailing peace and order situation in the vicinity    
  • Security Audits on the efficiency of the guarding staffs and posts
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of the client’s properties and establishments to identify areas for security enhancement 
  • Information Security to establish cost-effective means to protect sensitive classified information
  • Crisis Management to ensure that emergency and disaster situations are handled and resolved promptly and properly
  • Business Continuity Planning to ascertain the continuity of operations and services during a crisis situation and ensure immediate recovery and return to normal business operations after the crisis. 

Our consultancy team is composed of successful professionals from the military service, law enforcement, and industrial security community. This assures the clients that the company’s wide array of knowledge and significant experience will deliver the most cost-effective and efficient services to them.